Monday, January 19, 2009

Ripped up like shredded wheat!

All hell broke loose on this red vinyl legacy, actually all heaven broke loose on it. This was in the collection of some young punkers dad. One day his wife found jesus and decided to break all his devil music. Grabbed the lp and snapped it in half. Even with the lp unplayable and the cover being bent all the way across the lp still sold for $50 on ebay. The halloween and 3 hits 7"s are from an old ebay auction, not sure what they ended up selling for. And the last in our unholy trilogy are swiss cheese copies of earth ad and walk among us. They come from collector extraordinaire Neggie T. Heres the scoop "Won a lot auction of lps in "playable to great condition"....the only 2 in the lot that were unplayable were the ones I wanted. "

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  1. wow. that makes me want to vomit out of my eyes.