Friday, January 23, 2009

Anti Anything/Everything?

Here's a very confused insert that comes from Brian Dropdead. "i got an Antisystem 7" with this insert in it from a record store in Bradford UK circa 1998".

That anarchy swastika is hilarious.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Ripped up like shredded wheat!

All hell broke loose on this red vinyl legacy, actually all heaven broke loose on it. This was in the collection of some young punkers dad. One day his wife found jesus and decided to break all his devil music. Grabbed the lp and snapped it in half. Even with the lp unplayable and the cover being bent all the way across the lp still sold for $50 on ebay. The halloween and 3 hits 7"s are from an old ebay auction, not sure what they ended up selling for. And the last in our unholy trilogy are swiss cheese copies of earth ad and walk among us. They come from collector extraordinaire Neggie T. Heres the scoop "Won a lot auction of lps in "playable to great condition"....the only 2 in the lot that were unplayable were the ones I wanted. "

Friday, January 16, 2009

Hammer Damaged.

Today we get a tasty shocker from our pal at Broken Records indeed. Here's what justin had to say...

"Back in 2001 I get a random email from someone who stumbled on to my "My eBay" page since we were both bidding on an original copy of Guided By Voice's "Propeller" LP. At that time I already owned a couple copies of the LP, so I must have been bidding on it just to keep an eye on where it would end, which if I recall correctly, at that time was maybe $150. The guy was emailing me because he saw I had a picture of the Hammer Damage "Laugh" 7" on my page, and was surprised to see it. He told me he was in graduate school at Kent State at the time the record came out. He saw the band one night at a small bar on campus and bought the record the next day at a local record shop run by a couple members of the band Human Switchboard.

I already owned the Hammer Damage 7", having previously found it on a set sale list online for the super bargain price of $10, which still makes it one of my best scores ever. But I told him that I could use another copy for my trade list, and I had a spare of the Propeller LP to trade. At the time, the value of this trade was at least three to one in my favor, but he didn't realize quite how desirable his record was, and he was more than happy to do it. A few days later the package arrives, and it looks like the postal workers decided to play hockey, and this was their puck. I opened it, and a small chip of vinyl fell out onto the floor. Fuck! I looked closely, and luckily the chip did not quite reach the music grooves. On later testing, I found it would play great, but you needed a really steady hand to drop the needle in just the right place to start.

The sender had used a proper 45 mailer, although the padding inside was newspaper, not cardboard. I don't believe in postal insurance -- I'd rather take an occasional loss than pay out an insurance fee on the 99 of 100 packages that arrive fine -- so that was not an option. I decided the record in that state was still worth it to me, so I let the trade stand and did not give the other guy a hard time about his packaging job, which could have been better, but would have survived fine given normal conditions.

I let one friend trade his slightly rattier sleeve plus some now forgotten record for the still very nice sleeve pictured here. Then another friend, somewhat to my surprise, offered me the choice of a Fun Things 7" or Fear "I Love Livin in the City" 7", both in decent shape all around, for the Hammer Damage. I went for the Fun Things, thinking I'd be more likely to find the Fear again some day (something which finally happened this past year.) He later upgraded the Hammer Damage, and the current whereabouts of this very playable, but very ugly copy are unknown to me.

The obvious postscript here to people who know GBV records is that the value of an original Propeller LP later skyrocketed, with prices of $1,000+ not unheard of. My lopsided trade turned out to be in other guy's favor, not mine. I've had 3 or 4 original copies of Propeller pass through my hands, but currently have none, a situation I'm not so happy about. But given the choice, I'd rather have the Fun Things anyway, so no complaints here."

can't disagree, there aren't too many thing's id' rather have than that Fun Things 7"...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Write on it, you scum.

Everyone at WMWM must have been bored to death judging by the layers of crossed out shit written on this lp cover. There is so much stuff you cant even read it all. Check the bottom right corner of the front, probably the funniest thing on there. Someone really had some time on their hands when they gave each song an X rating, although no song actually recieved the coveted tripple X. Proving that GG was already looking for "mainstream" success as a note next to one song suggests. Surprisingly the vinyl has only 2 light marks on it. The proud owner of this masterpiece is Cooch from painkiller records, buy some shit,

Monday, January 12, 2009

Vinyl In Pain.

Recently set free from the collection of an old lehigh valley punker, this United Blood could use a little public assistance. The sleeve, while not as trashed as it could be for a radio station copy, annoyed Mr Sledge so much he just needed to get rid of that pesky "e.p." on the cover, now it looks much better. The vinyl has a gigantic chip that misses the first song on both sides by 1 lead in groove. How could this have happened? Guess there was just too much pressure and the vinyl busted. If anyone held onto this chip in hopes of finding, a sleeve, an insert, and vinyl hit me up.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Ouch, you broke my edge.

Probably the most infamous broken record on this here internet is this Youth Of Today LP test pressing. I know this one has made the rounds but its a fine way to start this blog off. It was purchased for a cool G, then seriously El Kabonged by the fine men in brown, or was it fed ex? Either way this one hurts where it counts. In the edge.

Lets get this party started right.

Dig out those rare partied records you have found over the years, chips, gouges, cracks, breakages, etc. Send nice photos, or scans. I'll post them up. Stories of how they got that way, who owned them before, & how you got them are always a plus. Ebay listings are cool too, if its something that ended save the pics and email them to me. The main focus is punk, hardcore, and metal but if you have something that you just need to share, let me know and i'll take a look.

Funny and stupid things people, band members, or label owners have written or drawn inside sleeves, on inserts or labels also fit the focus of this blog.

Roll the ugliness.