Wednesday, March 21, 2012

You is a goddamned fucking sonofabitch, motherfucking scrap of paper!!

Looks like someone ripped up some paper like shredded wheat and threw it in the vinyl. Never liked this version of rat fink so getting this copy for a deal would be alright with me. Another sent in by someone i cant remember. Running low. Hit me up with some funny or wrecked bonzers.

Friday, March 9, 2012

A Demon inside of you.

This one comes from a guy named Sean who has some serious rage issues. His story...

"I got ripped off for the bootleg instead of the OG (I payed 50). Because the dealer is one of these SUPER "opinionated" borderline-tweeker dudes, I knew I couldn't argue my way into a return/refund. So I (quite psychotically-angrily) took the hit and sacrificed the damn thing to the karma gods."

Must have been a fun moment for anyone looking into his window. Grown man fights with and brutalizes vinyl record. Film at 11. He should probably take this to comicon and have Pushead sign it.

Check out Seans blog here

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Your packing skills are an Embarrassment.

Kansas is alright, if you like broken records. This fine art punk, kbd bonzer looks great with a 3rd of it sliced right off. Such a clean break, with a nice twisting cavern of white space between the black grooves. I'm sure the buyer didn't think so, and was probably pulling out some hair and possibly shedding a few tears when he got this one in the mail. Just slap some gorilla glue in there and it should be good as new.

It's been so long since the owner agreed to let me post this scan i can't remember who it was. If my failing memory is correct its ultra KBD collector Ryan Richardson. Check him out at & If its not Ryan's please let me know and i will give you a free patio set.