Friday, January 23, 2009

Anti Anything/Everything?

Here's a very confused insert that comes from Brian Dropdead. "i got an Antisystem 7" with this insert in it from a record store in Bradford UK circa 1998".

That anarchy swastika is hilarious.


  1. I have also bought records from that same shop in Bradford that belonged to this character. One was an anarcho record, my memory fades what band it was by "Marty" and had covered it in anarcho graff and his name. Another record previously owned by him was Cocksparrer and he'd drawn a swastika and NF symbol on the union jack flag and his name yet again. We too laughed and joked about this dimwit many times and the anarcho fascism hybrid that he was illuminating to us all on his record covers. Dumbo.

  2. Out of interest. The Bradford band Morbid Humour who did a split with anti-system had a member that went on to become a nazi. I think it was the drummer. I wonder if this was Marty?